February 2, 2022

Feb. 2  January is a relaxing month and a time to think about plans for the new year.  It’s impossible to accomplish everything on my list of things to do so the question is what do I want to do the most.  The answer is always explore, experiment, try new ideas.  The first project will be a set of five brooches using shibori, a way of pleating silk and an old favorite, wrapping wire, embellishing raised shapes.  Making the fibula, which is the pin of the brooch, will be a new thing for me.  I like stainless steel jewelry so that will be the metal used but it’s a very hard metal, so it will take some effort to file, sand, and bend the wire.  This piece is a bit of a take off on a necklace that was made recently called “Summer in the Winter”.  The first brooch was posted last time.  This photo is the beginning of the next one.

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