January, 2023

With the new year comes the question, "what now?".  Having taken a break from my artwork for about 3 months, t's an exciting question.  A lot of time was spent  this fall with my small bonsai nursery getting the little trees ready for winter.  Also, I made several pots, firing them in a wood kiln with the NH Potters Guild.  It was my first time firing a wood kiln, and it was a fascinating, though tiring, event.  But now I'm back at my desk starting to think about the ideas that have been floating around in my head.  The first piece is the one on the website called "Aqua in the Hall", which was started at the League Fair back in August and finished last week.  I've  been wanting to give my work more dimension and this is the first piece that could actually be called sculptural.  Let's go!

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