January 27, 2023

One of my favorite tasks as an artist is choosing a new photo for my business cards.  It means browsing through many photos and picking out which one does the  best job of showing my work.  This isn't easy because there are many components and they don't all show up in each piece.  This photo is last year's choice and, although I don't have this pendant anymore, it was truly a favorite.  When this set of porcelain pendants was made there were 12 designs and I made 10 in each design.  That filled my kiln pretty full and has provided lots to work on. It worked well and a new set of designs is forming in my head to repeat the process.  It's a big task but the results give an endless number of possibilities.  Getting out the sketch pad and saying to myself  "just start Anne" is the first step.

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  • Salut Anne,
    I have been trying to reach you. Please contact me about tomorrow.


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