About Anna

BA:  Fiberarts, Ceramics
MA:  Japanese Art, Textiles, Ceramics
Member of the League of NH Craftsmen
Member of the NH Potter's Guild
Rural Michigan was my home growing up, rural VT as an adult, and living so close to the earth, and all of the beauty that it produces, gave strong roots to my development as an artist.  Stitching and weaving was a pastime at a very early age which led to a broader study of fiberarts as a young adult, and eventually a program studying Japanese textiles and ceramics.  Learning and experimenting with new techniques and materials is a huge part of my personality.  All of this has brought me to the work I enjoy today.
The finished pieces of my work are not one thing, but a collection of separate components;  a collage of texture, color, pattern, and shape using silk, clay, felt, velvet, metal, thread, beads, and wire.  Most pieces begin with a scrap of an antique kimono and then the piece grows intuitively with clay beads that I've formed and fired, and other materials using a lot of techniques.  Crochet is a favorite technique with both wire and thread. I love making my own beads from clay, machine stitching on silk, manipulating silk, and embellishing with beads.  Each piece is unique and intricate.